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problem with textures

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problem with textures

Notapor tariel » 26 Ago 2012, 17:06

I am sorry I don't speak Spanish, although I found I can sometime read a bit of it (am French, did Latin in School...) I hope someone here will be able to help me.

I have a long-standing problem with some LBT hospital lots' textures, and recently with the lbt_central_de_abastos : although I have all the dependencies listed in the readme for that lot, the main textures are missing when I plop it. I went and downloaded the listed packs again from the LBT site but to no avail.

For the hospitals, I noticed that the readme lists LBT prop pack 2 and 3. They cannot be found now (although I had downloaded them previously), because, I assume, they've been superseded by the megapack 01. As I haven't used the hospitals in a very long time, I don't remember if I had the problem before, but I vaguely recollect that I did not. So I tried again with the now obsolete packs (I keep everything!), but the hospitals still don't work (the central de abastos doesn't work either.)

I am now totally stumped. Is there anyone here who has any ideas, suggestions, solutions ?
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Recien llegado
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Re: problem with textures

Notapor fabianz_112 » 26 Ago 2012, 21:57

Hi welcome to the forum!

First, can you specify exactly in what lot you had the problem? From where you downloaded it?
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Re: problem with textures

Notapor Letterbomb_21 » 27 Ago 2012, 00:37

Hi tariel, welcome to CapitalSimCity! :)

In the Hospital, i recommend you that you download all one more time, but first erase the old downloads.
Also I recommend you that you download from this page all the dependencies and lots, I downloaded from here and I didn't have problems.

The Central de Abastos, sorry but I can't help you, I never had downloaded this lot, but if I have a idea of what can be the problem, I will write here.

Sorry for the English. :mrgreen:
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